House Cleaning Tips to Remove Excess Pet Hair

House Cleaning Tips to Remove Excess Pet Hair

Pets can bring you and your family endless joy. However, pets can also bring you enormous amounts of hair when they are shedding.

Most people use vacuums, to hopefully, suck up all the fur. However, usually, the individual hairs stick onto the fibers of the carpet. Thus, making it impossible to pick up with a vacuum alone. We compiled a few house cleaning tips to help you remove pet hairs from your carpet and home. Many people are extremely allergic to pet dander. So, by getting rid of all of the excess furs in your carpet and furniture, you will remove a large amount of the dander from your home. Not only does it help your friends with allergies, but it will also make for a cleaner and more hygienic home. Here are the simple house cleaning tips to get rid of that pet hair.

  • The first step in these house cleaning tips is always to vacuum. Vacuuming will not remove all of the hair, but it will decrease the amount by a lot. If you have a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pet hair, it will have a stronger suction and thus remove more of the hair.
  • The next thing that I have found to work well is a squeegee. These have long handles with a rubber end used for removing water off windows. By running the squeegee along the carpet like the vacuum, the hair will stick the rubber and collect for easy removal by vacuuming or just picking up.
  • If you do not have a squeegee, another thing that works well is a kitchen sponge. Make sure the sponge is clean and do not reuse in the kitchen after use. The sponge needs to be slightly damp, and you can attach it to a mop or just run it over the carpet with your hands. The sponge has the same effect as the squeegee, the hair will collect together, and you can remove it.
  • Another simple thing to use, but it might be a little more time consuming is tape. The adhesive side of the tape will pick up the hair. However, it is harder to dig deeper into the carpet than with a squeegee because it is more challenging to apply as much pressure.

Keep your house free of pet hair with these simple house cleaning tips. You will find your pets even more enjoyable if their hair is not as prominent.

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